Thursday, May 3, 2012

Live What You Believe

Every day I hear the sighs in the room, witness the sad smiles. People at work and other places shuffle through the day, discontent because they’re confined to a space they despise. Some think it is some sign of nobleness that they are pressing through despite their unhappiness; it is a token of strength and courage—or is it?

It seems that it is simpler to acquiesce to the authority of them; there’s no accountability for us. All blame and credit belongs to someone else; family, a spouse, ageing parents, children, or even the economy. It is in that world we live out the beliefs of others ignoring our own because we feel it is not possible to do what is best for us.

But I believe that at all times and under all circumstances we should live in truthfulness, never ignoring our God-given urging. It is a necessary and undeniable part of who we are. Live what you believe.

We say we believe we are enough, we have what it takes. We tell others we stand on being out of debt and that we ought to be loved and respected. But then we operate in another belief; we doubt ourselves and back away from challenges afraid we might fail or look foolish. We buy what we cannot afford because we deserve it or we crave the appearance of doing well. We engage in relationships with those who discount our value, and consistently take more than they give; and then we are angry at them for our unhappiness.

Times may be tough, as people say. But it is always the right time to live and be who we are. It is not contingent upon situations or seasons or periods. To live what you believe is to live according to your divine purpose. It is a deliberate choice, a timeless decision. Perhaps everything is not aligned to do everything you need to do but you can still walk in truth. God has given us the ability to do it. We do not need to seek the external to discover what is being produced internally. It would seem to me a strange thing that the Creator would make something without giving it all of its working parts. It is up to us to discover the truth.

Pull from what you know. Pull from deep within and discover you. Strengthen your relationship with your Maker so when falsity arises you will see and you will know. You will shut it down.  You will live what you believe.