Friday, August 26, 2011

Push Pass Failure

I love new things don’t you?
What can compare to the smell, feel and touch of new shoes or leather
seats inside of a new car or the scent in a freshly painted house? But new gets old quickly; the shoes are
pushed to the back of the closet (with the rest of the ‘new’ shoes), the
leather seats get broken in-- we plop down on them without a second thought and
some days we just don’t feel like cleaning that beautiful house. It is our nature to give up on things
quickly, to grow bored and tired of what use to excite us.

God places within us dreams and visions; we are made with
purpose and on purpose. He is not a
creator of accidental inventions or experimental concoctions. He is the embodiment of intent and destiny. We awaken when we hear that voice urging us to
get up and do. And when the vision
becomes clear—oh my! In the days and weeks that follow we move and
are excited and can barely behave. With
the newness of this energy our capacity to create, build and motivate is
limitless. We start that business plan,
book or play or seek investors for that new business. We
cannot fail
. Furthermore it seems
like the entire world is on our side cheering us on and it’s as if we can do
anything but fly. Success belongs to us.

And then inevitably it happens—the pangs of life come into
play. The work is hard—sometimes
grueling, the folks that said that they would—don’t. The investment of time, work and energy seems
daunting and takes its toll. And we
think—it shouldn’t be this hard afterall
I’m gifted and God said this was mine.
We begin to back paddle or worse yet we seek
out a new venture (remember I said everybody likes new).

Listen to this—just because it’s God-given doesn’t mean it’s
not work. Remember Jesus’ great
sacrifice? That was not a pretty sight
up there on the cross. He knew we were
worth it. Your dedication and work is
worth it. You will fall, get tired, grow
weary and do a lot of sighing—maybe some crying. But grab hold to his hand and move. Move even when your cheerleaders pack up
their pompoms and go home, when folks question whether or not this really was a
smart move. Move, push, push. Learn to
become your own motivator and listen to that voice. Whatever you do, don’t
stop. You will not fail. Success belongs to you.

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