Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Still Believe

The world is changing and nothing seems assured. Over the last several months it seems tragedy has struck on every hand leaving us with mouths wide open. A U.S. soldier is accused of killing Afghan civilians in cold blood—including women and children. It is said he went back to the same village planning to kill more but he was apprehended. Drugs overwhelmed the life of a great voice and no matter how hard we rooted for her comeback Whitney just wouldn’t shake the habit. A dear sister of mine who’d battled cancer died (we love you Natalie) in spite of our prayers. Currently the T.V. is splattered with images of 17-year-old, unarmed Trayvon Martin who was shot and killed just minutes from his home on his way back from the store. His killer has not been arrested. And no matter how hard we wish it did not or what kind of denial we wrap ourselves in, racism still exists. It seems a country built on liberty and justice and freedom has had a mental breakdown of sorts and is hard pressed to recover from its malady. On the other hand it is as though a loving God has left us to our own devices. It often seems he has turned and walked away from our cries and prayers. It leaves many of us wondering if he even hears us anymore.

The one that we prayed to be healed isn’t, the boy who was supposed to live a long live doesn’t, the comeback, the return, the second chance that was supposed to attest that miracles do happen, doesn’t happen at all. And if you sit and ponder it all for too long it can leave your heart sad and sick and wondering if right always wins.

Well, I still believe. I still believe in love and the goodness of mankind. I still believe that justice prevails and that if you want to be free from habits meant for your destruction you can be. I believe that God heals. I am that testimony. I still believe that people are honest and courageous and when we come together nothing is impossible.

I can’t explain away all the tragedies and heartaches and disappointments and disparities between this and that. But my hope is yet in the God who can and he is a just God. The bible says he meets us where our hope is (Ps. 33:22). And because I believe that, I refuse to give in to doubt. When I stop believing, something else sets in; its force rises and sees the good in nothing, it is void of hope, it stands for nothing but fears everything. It eats away at the spirit of man and leaves him confused and staggering.

The spirit of hope is in our midst and we have to grab hold to it. It is out of that spirit that movements were birth and liberties and freedom given to those who were without. It is that hope which propelled individuals to make sacrifices both great and small that changed generations. It is the hope that just won’t die.
No matter how bleak it all looks, the tears we cry and the disappointments we experience, God will come through. Right will prevail. No matter how vast the darkness, I still believe.

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