Thursday, March 22, 2012

You Were Called for Greatness

When we think of those who demonstrate greatness we usually think of those whose achievements affect generations or millions. Rarely do we consider those who in the small hub of their communities are life changers.

Greatness simply means that which is beyond the ordinary, exceeds normalcy and is unique in comparison to most. We all were born for greatness, to push past the average wave but most of us are quite content with getting by. We are perfectly fine with just enough. Making waves is risky.

We are in awe of those who stand out amongst us; attributing their greatness to some special talent or gift and every now and again we wonder what it would be like to be able to do something like that. But I believe God has placed in all of us something exceptional and significant. It’s that part of us that makes us singular and distinctive from the rest. It is often dormant for a time and for many of us rise up on occasion but never reaches any pinnacle. It’s that part in us that when it is in effect we move effortlessly. When it is working, we lose track of time and place because we are doing what we are born to do. And then it happens, we hit a snag, we have a setback and we renege, settling comfortably back into mediocrity. This thing, this piece that’s innate can be almost anything; the ability to comfort or give. It could be the capacity to encourage or serve like no other. It may be the gift to work with children with disabilities and see only their ability. Maybe it’s working with the elderly or speaking to the masses. It can be almost anything.
To others it may seem a simple thing but to the one on the receiving end of your gift they know that it is much more. They view you as a gift from God, a precious gem, someone they absolutely do not want to do without. They honor and treasure you. And if you were not there for them their lives would not be the same.

Allow your uniqueness to ascend. Let it take root. Don’t be ashamed because it is livelier or more colorful than your surroundings. Don’t mute your gift because others don’t get it or are uncomfortable when you are moving in it (remember God gave this thing to you, for his purpose). Flow in it, embrace it. It is the essence of the greatness in you.